Science Fiction Mystery Minis - Leeloo

The Leeloo reviewed on the previous page was available in a 1:12 ratio, meaning she was in every single case of Science Fiction Mystery Minis - or at least, in every mass market case. The cases that Hot Topic got dropped Leeloo, replacing her with... Leeloo.

That was just Leeloo, though, while this one is Leeloo Dallas! In order to get to Fhloston Paradise and retrieve the other four elements, Leeloo needs to pose as the wife of Korben Dallas. By this point in the story she has some clothes, and also a multipass.

In contrast to the standard Leeloo, this one has hair hanging straight down - a logical choice, since she's not being buffeted by the winds outside a highrise building, but is instead standing inside a climate-controlled airport. Spaceport? Something. Her pose is more relaxed than before, and her left hand is raised to display the identification with her fake married name. Leeloo Dallas multipass!

The costumes for The Fifth Element were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, a clothier so famous that even slovenly nerds like us recognize his name. Leeloo is wearing her weird orange suspenders, a white crop top, golden pants and black boots. The black bits on her pants are supposed to be seams or thin stripes, not the huge chunks they are here; that, coupled with the fact that the color of the paint used for the pants is so close to the color of the paint used for the skin, makes it look like we're seeing Milla Jovovich's bare legs.

Even at 1:12, I didn't expect to be able to get this Leeloo - the Hot Topic Mystery Minis are always tough finds. But hey, sometimes the toy gods smile on you. I don't hate the plain Leeloo, but I like Leeloo Dallas more; now can we please get some more characters in Science Fiction Mystery Minis Series 3?

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