Vitruvian HACKS: Blood Red accessory set

It's time for another Vitruvian HACKS accessory set review. This week: Blood Red!

The contents are shown on the back of the box, and inside, they're split among several zipper-seal bags:

Yes, the spear is all by itself, because it wouldn't fit in either of the other bags.

Much as the Bone White set was mostly based on Eurayle, this one gets a lot from Medusa. The pieces are molded in white, then painted red, rather than being cast in color. This means the interiors of the pieces are white, the color isn't consistent across the entire surface, and a little bit of the detail gets smoothed out thanks to the paint sitting on the surface. That's a shame, because this really is a nice color, darker than the reds we normally get on toys.

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