Madballs Blind Bags - Fist Face review

Fist Face tends to weird people out with his staring. (Hey, hard to avoid with only one eye!). Will blink once for a slice of pizza and twice for a soda but after that it's anyone's guess what he's trying to say.

Wow, speaking of getting changed, Fist Face is different! In the '80s (and in Art Asylum's plans for Series 3), Fist Face was a rough purple hand clutching an eyeball - today, it's an eye that's somehow been stitched into the heel of a hand. How does that even work? How can he blink when his skin is stapled to his eye? It's a weird change, and honestly feels like it was done just because it could be, not because it was a better idea - if nothing else, you have to wonder why Fist Face is more of a "Fist Back-of-the-Head."

In keeping with tradition, Fist Face has purple skin and green fingernails, and the iris on the eye is red. There's a big bandaid on the... forehead, I guess? And on the side is a big split with a staple on it, but that doesn't get painted. And weirdly, the whole thing seems to have been molded upside down - that may sound like a meaningless statement, but the molded legal information and the tampgraphed production information end up on top of the toy, rather than hidden away on the bottom. That's just bad planning.

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