Horror Classics Mystery Minis - Beetlejuice reviews

The next year, Series 3 gave us a companion for BJ, but not who you might expect. I mean: Lydia, right? In her big poofy dress? That's who we would have made, but then, that's why Funko are toymakers and we're just toy reviewers. Anyway, the figure Funko did make was Adam Maitland, the recently diseased deceased homeowner who calls on Beetlejuice to exorcise his haunted house.

In the movie, Adam is basically us: a well-meaning, amiable and fairly trustworthy guy who just so happens to have an exceedingly nerdy hobby. Come on, building an entire scale model of your hometown? With obsession enough to spy on his neighbors to make sure he got every detail right? You can't say that's really so much worse than collecting action figures, can you? Je suis Adam Maitland!

Mystery Minis Adam Maitland gives us our second Alec Baldwin toy! This one's a lot less recognizable, though - no likeness to speak of. Clearly a plain Adam would be boring, so naturally Funko gravitated to the scene where he and Barbara stretch their faces out in an effort to scare away the Deetzes. Adam's brilliant move was to yank his nose forward, shove his hand up into the top of his head, and jam his fingers into his eyes - like, literally. He literally has eyes jammed onto his fingers. Since the Mystery Mini style gives the characters only three fingers and a thumb, you have to give the designer props for remembering to do that same thing on the head-hand. Also, admire the intricate paint on his plaid shirt.

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  1. Wolf says:

    No worries -- happy to help mate!

  2. Mystery Minis Adam Maitland gives us our second ALEC Baldwin toy!

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