Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Jessie Anderson (In Memorium)

...okay, fine, we'll review Sam too.

We'll cut the kid a little bit of slack because he's got an abusive father and an older brother who seems to idolize the violent, dangerous man. And pretty much the first thing that happens after he meets the survivors is Carol sweetly threatening to tie him to a tree and leave him to die, so it's not like he had the best experience with them. But oh my god, kid, when people who have experience in a subject tell you how to deal with it, listen to them. I know it's gross being covered in Walker guts, but if you start whimpering and calling your mom's name, you're going to attract a lot of attention and get everybody in trouble. Which, of course, is precisely what happens, and is why this figure is in the In Memoriam series.

Sam's Moe Howard bowl cut proves that not only was civilization destroyed by the zombie plague, so was any sense of fashion or personal pride. The figure is shorter than the adults, though not as short as the actor was in real life - stylization can only go so far. His horrible poncho is smaller overall, but still gets the red and brown apps to make it look gross. As for the pose, he's the opposite of his mom: right arm and left foot forward. And like we said before, it would have been neat if they could hold hands (or at least get their hands near each other): refusing to let go of this little turd's hand was the reason Jessie got killed.

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