Madballs Blind Bags - Wolf Breath review

Wolf Breath is an ex-jock and was the popular type. Until he grew fur and developed "laser-breath." Now he's either howling at the moon or talking about his "glory days" when he was "top dog."

Is that supposed to be a Teen Wolf reference? Was Wolf Breath playing high school basketball? Whatever, I don't care, it's Wolf Breath! Wolf Breath! Clearly my favorite Madball ever. Clearly. This modern version doesn't look very much at all like either the '80s or '00s versions of Wolf Breath, but he does look like a werewolf, and that's what matters.

In today's artstyle, Wolfy looks like he should be blinking rapidly and constantly twitching, like he's tweaking on meth. His eyes are different sizes, and even have different kinds of pupils. How is it he has green drool dripping from his mouth and not foamy rabies spittle? There are acres of pink skin on his face, and the grey fur looks more like normal hair - he even appears to have a flat top! Both the previous versions had an underbite, but this one gets bigger fangs on top. He really needs someone to check him, because there's an orange tick on the back of his head.

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