Minimate Mini-Review #355 - Nakia & Okoye

#355 - Dora Milaje Nakia/Dora Milaje Okoye

Nakia, in the comics, was one of the first Dora Milaje introduced. Rather than just being content to serve as his bodyguard, she was attracted to him and ended up being something of a stalker with a crush when he failed to return her affection. When she tried to kill his ex-girlfriend, he banished her from Wakanda. Will the same thing happen in the movie? Only a few weeks until we find out! For now, Nakia is wearing a bright red outfit with brown accents and silver amor - the skirt and bracelets are separate pieces, while all the rest is just paint on the usual Minimate body. Her hair is a new piece, and she's carrying her usual ring blades. At least, we assume they're usual: both the Minimate and the Marvel Legend have them, so either they're her signature or they were when the character designs were given to all the toymakers.

Although we've had a Michonne Minimate before, it was based on the comics, so this is our first Danai Gurira. Her outfit is similar to Nakia's (in the comics, they joined the Dora Milaje at the same time and were close friends), but it's donein orange rather than red - images from the film suggest the red is more common, so maybe she wears this to signify her place as the leader of the group? She gets the same add-on pieces as Nakia, though they've been given different paint apps to keep this from looking like a repaint. In fact, both figures have very complex paint masks, both front and back. Okoye even gets one on her bald head, to show the tattoos or whatever those patterned markings are made of. Her weapon is a silver spear.

This set is a Toys Я Us exclusive, but we wouldn't be surprised to learn that people were army-building it: Minimates' modular construction means that swapping a new head onto these bodies and making a new character is simple and seamless!

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