Spider-Man Marvel Legends: House of M Spider-Man review

Quick on his feet and agile as they come, Peter Parker becomes the wrestling sensation known as Spider-Man.

Unlike the last time we got a House of M Spider-Man, this one is unabashed about its origins - it has the House of M logo right there on the front of the box! Logically, this toy uses the same body as the normal Spider-Man, because he is the normal Spider-Man: it's not an alternate universe, the world was rewritten. One day he's eating pizza, the next he's a world-famous wrestler, actor, and businessman. So apparently his fondest wish was to be The Rock.

The body moves as well here as it always does, since we don't have to suffer the action features ToyBiz's 2006 figure had. While his costume is painted well, with the red spider-shape draped over his shoulders and the angled gloves, it's still a shame his webs couldn't be sculpted in - though that would defeat the purpose of a reused mold, wouldn't it?

House of M Spidey comes with a piece (the right leg) of the Series 7 Build-A-Figure (SP//dr). He also gets a webline, because someone at Hasbro apparently just remembered they have those tools.

Thanks to the clean paint and superior articulation, this Spidey is miles better than the one from a dozen years ago, even if it doesn't get sculpted webs.

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