Zombie Lab - chapter 3

Chapter 3

On a busy work day, sudden screams came from the corner of the block. "Argh!" "Run for it!" "Monsters!" Bane, a banker who had just finished his lunch, saw zombies flooding out of the lab, and he too took off immediately. He seemed to almost know instantly that he had to go to open areas, the higher the better. There was only one place to go in this area - Tower 101.

Zoe, a female student, waved her sword in attempts to attack the zombie, shouting "go away!" loudly. Bane was escaping when he spotted to the girl and realized she was outnumbered. Bane needed to save her. Bane picked up a bat nearby and fought with Zoe. They finally escaped from the zombies and ran into Tower 101.

Bane and Zoe fled into Tower 101 along with many other survivors. They went to different floors and fought the zombies alongside residents there. During the battle, Bane learnt about Zoe, and how she lost her parents to zombie bites in the earliest zombie apocalypse 3 years ago.

To be continued...

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