Everything Great About The Last Jedi

How is this video only 40 minutes long and not, like, three hours?

Best Star Wars movie.

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5 Responses to Everything Great About The Last Jedi

  1. Black Arbor says:

    I dunno, the movie just let me down in so many ways. The Marvel-esque humor, the subverting just for the sake of subverting, the Canto Bight( Blight?) Scene, Rose (I like KMT but good lord her character was so poorly written)... I have no problem with shaking things up and a more diverse cast but it was just a misfire for me...

    • yo go re says:

      And see, you managed to voice all those opinions without blaming Kathleen Kennedy or SJWs or Tumblr or whatever the target du jour is. It's entirely possible to dislike Last Jedi and not come off like a hateful D-bag shouting about how all the characters and the true fans have been emasculated. It's just that a lot of people don't seem very interested in doing what you prove is super easy to do...

      • Black Arbor says:

        I think there's a fair amount of people out there like me who have legitimate beefs with the film, but they get drowned out by all the D-Bags (plus, a headline about somewhat dissappointed casual fans isn't nearly as click-worthy as one about toxic racist misogynistic fans) 😀

  2. CLS says:

    It's still not as good as the original movies. You know the sequel trilogy's bad when you make me miss the cheesy prequels. Rose Tico was a wasted character and the rehashing of Empire Strikes Back was a bit of a lazy job as well.

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