This week in comicshops - 08/14

Find out what toy-related items you can get at your local comicshop this Wednesday.

Batman The Animated Series Batcycle And Action Figure Set, AR

My Little Pony Spirit Of The Forest #3 (Of 3), $3.99

Alien 3 Creature Pack Accessory Pack, AR
Alien Resurrection Xenomorph Queen Ultra Deluxe Action Figure, AR
Dioramansion 150 Hallway Figure Diorama, AR
Dioramansion 150 Marble Figure Diorama, AR
Dioramansion 150 Poolside Figure Diorama, AR
Evangelion 3.0 EVA Unit EVA-13 NXEdge Style Action Figure, AR
Freddy Vs Jason Jason Voorhees Ultimate 7 Inch Scale Action Figure, AR
Godzilla King Monster King Ghidorah 2019 S.H. Monsterarts Action Figure, AR
Sgt Frog Tamamarobo UC Keroro Spirits Action Figure, AR
Transformers Generations Studio Series Deluxe Action Figure Assortment 201903, AR

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