Transformers BotBots Latte Spice Whirl & Coffeemus Prime reviews

Hasbro brought a Transformers BotBots exclusive with them to San Diego Comic-Con this year: the "Con Crew" set, which features 'bots from three different factions: the Meet n' Greets, the Line League, and the Fantastic Fuelers.

Personally, I can't stand coffee - the smell of it is nauseating, and it's not like the taste is any better - but there are certainly those who swear by it, especially when it's time to get up early and spend all day tromping around a convention center. You do you, weaklings! This disposable cup is a dark grey, with a white plastic lid that has a small hole near the rim - you know, a sipping lid. This cup has one of those insulated cardboard sleeves around it: not just painted, but an actual piece of cardboard slipped onto the toy. The light tan helps break up the dark body of the cup, and eases the transition to the light lid.

You do have to slide the sleeve off before you can convert the figure, but that's no problem. With that done, just lift the top to reveal the face, spread the arms, lower the legs, and drop the panel on the chest. Then turn the sleeve inside out, for cosplay reasons.

Join Coffeemus Prime & Carb O'Nate for an energizing panel. Find your inner energy through the motivational leadership of Coffeemus Prime while Carb O'Nate explores a bouncing-off-the-walls approach.

Like Scribzilla, Coffeemus Prime is one of the cosplayers. (You can probably guess who he's dressed as.) His legs are blue and his chest is red, and while there's a confident grin on his face, you won't see it often; when you turn the coffee sleeve around, it becomes an Optimus Prime mask with a hole for the eyes to look through. Being simple cardboard, it's a little delicate: mine was nearly ripped when I opened the set, so I had to tape it for stability.

The paper ring is an interesting idea, but it's worryingly flimsy, even for an SDCC exclusive that will only ever find its way into the hands of adult collectors, not kids.

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