Transformers BotBots S.A. Cheez, Papa Click, Botarazzi & Shudder reviews

Hasbro brought a Transformers BotBots exclusive with them to San Diego Comic-Con this year: the "Con Crew" set, which features 'bots from three different factions: the Line League, the Fantastic Fuelers, and the Meet n' Greets.

While the original Series 1 SA Cheez was an all-black camera, this one is mainly silver, with black just along the middle and on the hand grip. The lens is still blue, but this time the buttons and dials on top of the camera get some paint apps as well. Considering how small and simple this mold is, and how the only difference is paint, they really do end up looking pretty distinct from one another.

Converting BotBots is easy. For Botarazzi, all you have to do is lift the lens, pull down the grip on one side, and split the other side to create legs. Done!

A photo op you can't miss. No really, you can't miss it - not even if you try. Botarazzi takes pictures of everyone and everything.

The front flap on the packaging for the Con Crew set features a bunch of social media pics of the various BotBots having fun, but Botarazzi is nowhere to be seen. Why's that? Because they were the camera taking all of the shots! That's good attention to detail. On the toy, you can tell Botarazzi is star-struck by all the cool stuff at the con: their eyes have turned into sparkling stars, and their mouth is a gasping O shape.

Botarazzi is easily the plainest of the uses of this mold, what with no flashy colors or stomach-faces, but at least the fact that the right arm is light gray now rather than black makes the molded interior details easier to see.

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