OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 19

The OAFEnet Email Update: kings of being socially distant since 2002.

  • While you hunker down to avoid the pandemic, why not take a moment to recall the way a previous plague was spread?
  • And hey, speaking of rodents! Marvel Monday!
  • Let's travel back to a simpler time, when minorities were oppressed/ignored, but all the really scary diseases were still way in the future.

We're all still working, because we're critical, but if you're quarantined or on leave or whatever, we want you to have plenty of (online action figure) entertainment to keep you distracted. So that's why we've done a full "Spider-Week" of seven more reviews for you!

Then it's over to the blog for... four? Five? Seven? more reviews. So much reading for you! So much tiredness for us!

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