Reformatted Calidus Asterisk addendum

As mentioned in today's review, Mastermind Creations' Calidus was based on the art of Alex Milne, robot and altmode alike:

As you can see, MMC did an excellent job duplicating what is seen in the comics. And as a bonus, here's an example of Rodimus' purple colorscheme as seen on one of the covers:

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3 Responses to Reformatted Calidus Asterisk addendum

  1. Cons4eva says:

    You asked for a reading order? Honestly, the second phase of the IDW continuity has one of my favorite straight runs in comics ever, up there with Brubaker’s Captain America, Morrison’s Batman, the first 121 issues of Spider-Man, the IDW Ninja Turtles run, the IDW Ghostbusters comics, and the Chuckles Cobra run by Costa.

    • yo go re says:

      I don't know anything about the IDW Turtles. That's really good too, is it?

      • Cons4eva says:

        It’s the best streamlined version of them. It takes the best elements from all previous incarnations of the franchise (even, to a minor degree, Next Mutation) and even has Eastman co-plotting nearly every main issue. You like the 87 cartoon? You get Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Neutrinos. The 03 cartoon? You get Hun, Bishop, and a Karai that is very much in-line with that portrayal. The 12 cartoon? You even get Pigeon Pete. You like the Archie comics? You’ve got Null and the Mutanimals. Mirage? You get City at War, Northampton, and Micro Series. There’s even a character that was supposed to be Tatsu but had to have their name changed because of reasons. I’d recommend at least the first 50 issues and the micro series.

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