Transformers BotBots Dimlit & Lumidope reviews

When Transformers BotBots started, there were seven "real" factions, and the eighth faction - the Lost Bots - had seven members. So you'd expect each of them belonged to one of the other teams, yes? If that's the case, the process of elimination means this BotBot is supposed to be part of... the Jock Squad?

What, exactly, does a flashlight have to do with sports? Yes, you can buy flashlights at sporting goods stores, but that doesn't make it traditional sports equipment - not in the way that a football or a boxing glove are. It's a nice flashlight, sure, a modern LED style (judging by the many small indentations on the lens) with a yellow body and a red power switch, but that's still got nothing to do with sports. Heck, it'd make more sense as part of the Techie Team than the Jock Squad, but the Techie Team already had its own Lost Bot (Game Over, the videogame controller).

BotBots have simple conversions, so all you need to do here is pull the arms out to the sides, pull the legs down, and twist the tip of the flashlight around to reveal the bot's face.

Dimlit isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He loves exploring new places but gets lost a lot and is constantly afraid of the dark. Then he remembers to turn on his light. It's easier to blaze a new trail when you can see where you're going!

The robot mode doesn't look vastly different from the altmode - this is very much a "flashlight robot," not a robot that was formerly disguised as a robot. The colors are good, with the red and yellow sandwiched between the black feet and head, while the gray face and hands complement each other. The face design, with blue blush marks(?) on the cheeks and literal stars in the eyes, doesn't quite match with the personality presented in that bio, but it's still cute.

Dimlit is available either blind-packed, as #18, or in a Toilet Troop 5-pack.

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