Transformers BotBots Snuggle Puggle review

So what are we thinking here, folks? The Frequent Flyers are all travel-themed (international travel, no less), but it's not like malls have airports, so where do they come from: a travel agency? A luggage store? A kiosk that's giving away a Caribbean vacation and just happens to have a whole bunch of props on display? You tell us!

The fascinating thing about the history of travel neck pillows is-- just kidding! A neck pillow is just a neck pillow. It's a pillow designed to wrap around your neck so your head doesn't loll to the side uncomfortably when you fall asleep sitting up. If you really want to know more The Washington Post has you covered. This particular one looks like half a bagel, thanks to its light tan coloring, and while it's almost sized to pair with a 6" figure, no toy's neck would actually fit inside very well.

Converting BotBots is easy: here, all you need do is turn a flap around to reveal the head, lift that up, rotate the legs down, and hinge the tail out. You can also pull the entire "shell" of the figure up, in order to... have it pulled up? It doesn't make the toy look any more like a dog or anything.

Meet your new, most loyal companion, Snuggle Puggle. When bots need a little support they can curl up with the fluffy and loveable Puggle. He loves hugs, rubs, cuddles, nuzzles and he doesn't mind if you burrow! And what's more, he provides both emotional and neck support!

Ah yes, the pug: nature's little whoopsie. The long body may have made more sense for a dachshund, even folded in half as it is, but the pug's brachycephalic face was easier to hide. Maybe we can look forward to this mold being repainted as a Boston terrier. It's cute that the robot mode is an animal, a throwback to bots like Ravage and Laserbeak, even if the light beige colorscheme means his altmode looks like a bagel. It also makes us wonder if this mall has a pet store.

Snuggle Puggle is available in a Cardio Clique 5-pack, a Frequent Flyers 8-pack, and a Hibotchi Heats 8-pack.

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  1. Pharmadan says:

    Possible repaints...
    -hemeroid cushion?

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