Transformers BotBots Hal A. Peno exclusive & Miss Mixed reviews

Sadly, Transformers BotBots Series 4 doesn't have an insert showing the interior of the mall. Yes, it was nice to know where the stores were, but the real appeal was seeing all the little bots running around and having fun. Imagine what type of shenanniganry Miss Mixed might be getting into with her fellow Wilderness Troopers!

As far as designs go, this bag of trail mix is about as uninspired as you can get. The sculpt is good, of course: the bag itself is wrinkled and uneven, as though it were really full of snacks, and the top and bottom are crimped shut as they would be, but whatever food company produced this stuff needs to hire some dang graphic designers: the packaging is just a green bag with a white circle in the center. Plain white. Nothing at all in it. Mmm-mmm-mmm, a big bag of "White Dot" brand trail mix; delish!

BotBots are simple to convert. Rip open this bag of chips by spreading the panels from the front, rotating the legs down, then pull the arms out of the sides and turn them down.

When Miss Mixed gets excited about hiking a difficult trail, the other bots think she's NUTS. But sometimes her fellow bots need a little motivation. Luckily her positive energy is constantly RAISIN' her team's spirits. When somebot says they can't, Miss Mixed is there to remind them: Yes, PE-CAN! The perfect mix of optimism and enthusiasm.

Since a couple of the steps to convert her involve pulling things to the side and no steps involve stretching anything up or down, this ends up being a very wide robot. The half of the white circle that remains on the chest blends directly into the face, making it look like she's wearing a scoop-neck shirt. Her face is printed with the same kind of swirly eyes as Latte Spice Whirl, above a lop-sided smile. Between the eyes and the fact the bag is green, it feels like Miss Mixed is perhaps a little more "edibles" than simply "edible," if you catch our drift. Like she's going out for nature hikes just to THC what she can see. The packaging art even makes it look like she's confused by her own hands.

This bag of CBD gummies "trail mix" is available either blind-packed as #2, or in one of the Claw Machine sets.

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2 Responses to Transformers BotBots Hal A. Peno exclusive & Miss Mixed reviews

  1. Jeff says:

    I don't appreciate the use of the term 'Heebie Jeebies', it's left over from WW2 and it's in reference to Jews, or Hebrews, shaking uncontrollably when leaving the death camps.

    Please think about rewording it.

    • yo go re says:

      I appreciate that you took the time to voice your concerns. Unfortunately, someone's given you a folk etymology that doesn't hold up (and yours is darker than the one I heard once upon a long time ago, namely that it was the feeling of nerves you felt around Jewish people) - in reality, the phrase dates back to the 1920s, when there was a fad for nonsense rhymes like "the bee's knees". The first time it appeared in print was in the October 26, 1923, edition of the Barney Google comic strip (which eventually shifted its focus to a hillbilly side character and still runs in papers today as Snuffy Smith), and by 1926 was a hugely popular song. So yeah, really all it is is two made-up words that sound funny together, and you're free to use it without worry the next time you're feeling nervous...

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