Marvel Legends Hellfire Club addendum

As mentioned in today's review, here's the reverse of the Inner Circle's group portrait, with a letter taped to it:

an envelope taped to the back of the painting

And here's the letter:

a fancy invitation

Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to the ranks of a society with a most exclusive membership.

Entry into this organization has always been a matter of nobility but a select few have ascended on the shoulders of sheer prestige and influence. It is to the latter group that you belong.

In brief, your reputation precedes you. Enquiries have been made. A plan has been set in motion. The express benefits of membership are many although their costs are high. If you can survive the vipers' pit of revolving alliances and hidden agendas, a gilded future awaits.

It is very seldom that the Inner Circle removes the shroud of secrecy and steps forward in pursuit of a new initiate. You would do well to heed their call.

The Inner Circle awaits your response...

Signed by all four of them. Clever making sure it was all done in different hands.

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