Vitruvian HACKS dig up some skeletons

Boss Fight Studio is offering a Deluxe Character Builder Kit to improve your Vitruvian HACKS.

No bones about it - this deluxe skeleton accessory set is super fun! The first accessory set built for use with the H.A.C.K.S. skeletons, this kit allows you to mix, match, and make your own skeleton characters!

Inside you'll find 6 amazing alternate heads, skeleton wings, two clothing options, 2 sets of alternate hands, 3 pairs of boots/shoes, a sword, and a sickle. WHEW - that's a lot!

The heads include a pirate with a bandana and eyepatch, a monster of some kind with small tusks pointing up from its lower jaw, a pointy demonic skull with horns growing from its brow, a bulbous alien, a goat skull, and a glowing jack o'lantern. The "clothing options" are a tattered shirt and loincloth. The pieces are painted to match an existing HACK skeleton, so you can easily design some cool monsters on your own.

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