I'm the baaaaaaaadddd guuuuuyyyy

What? What's that you say? "Heroes don't do that"? Oh. Well.

Michael Scott with his hands behind his head saying "I am so used to being the bad boy"

And now, a random collection of the best things we saw yesterday.

(all the live-action Batmen)

West: absolutely not
Keaton: no
Kilmer: yes
Clooney: says he does but he doesn't
Bale: doesn't but expects it for himself
Affleck: like it's his job
Pattinson: yes but doesn't want to

Superman holds out a taco to Batman, who recoils in horror

who remembers Red Dog Beer and what its logo looked like when you turned it upside down?

Batman: I know the location of every nerve cluster on a man's body/ Catwoman: And a woman's, right?/ Batman: silent/ Catwoman: And a woman's, right?

Catwoman walks hand in hand with a smug Jar Jar Binks, while Batman seethes angrily watching them leave

Adam West Batman: I'm sorry Catwoman, heroes don't do that. We must keep our hands clean. *Catwoman looks emotionally devastated and on the verge of tears* Batman: A gentleman, however, knows that his hands aren't the only tools in his belt. *kisses her on the cheek*

What do you mean "heroes don't do that"? *image of Kenner's Deep Dive Batman*

*The ''Woman Yelling at Cat'' meme, but it's Animated Series Batman being held back by Robin while Catwoman stares at him over a dinner plate* "Heroes do NOT do that!"

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3 Responses to I'm the baaaaaaaadddd guuuuuyyyy

  1. Pink Parademon says:

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    Not gonna lie, I absolutely adore that Adam West one. I can easily imagine him delivering the line, "A gentleman, however, knows his hands aren't the only tools in his belt," with stoic sincerity.

    You know, before snogging Catwoman.

    But, really, hahah. This is one of the problems with trying to market to both "adult" and "kid" audiences at once, huh? This afternoon at our local TRU you had big smiling Batman, Robin and Joker Duplo toys on one end of the store (in the kids section), and scowling Snyder-style edgy Batman on the other end along with dismembered Scarecrow and Zombie Bane (in the action figure aisle).

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