Unleashed Princess Leia: The Comparison

Before filming began on Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher was shown the concept art for the costume, which scared her into increasing her workout routine. She believed that was the entire point of showing her the design. No matter how toned she was, she still wouldn't be able to compete with today's review:

That's a candid shot from a Rolling Stone photoshoot promoting the film, a magazine ad for the figure line, and the card art for the first release. If her waist looks weirdly skinny in that last one, there's a reason for that: the piece was drawn by J. Scott Campbell, then painted over by Hasbro's in-house artists (explaining why it also looks slightly flat).

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4 Responses to Unleashed Princess Leia: The Comparison

  1. If you call her Hutt-Slayer Leia, a certain portion of the fandom has a conniption fit.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      Say what now? I thought that's how this version of Leia is sold, rather than "slave Leia"?

      Admittedly, Hutt-Slayer makes it sound like she makes it a habit of going around killing Hutts...

      • The Black Series called her "Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)." I don't recall this look being merchandised after that pegwarmed for so long. Some vocal fans insisting not making more products of Leia from this sequence is political correctness run amuck, however, object to the prospect of getting them if the price is dropping the "slave" part from her description.

        Leia becoming a Hutt serial killer sounds fun.

        • Ai Muhao says:

          An odd hill to die on, to be sure. It'd be like if Transformers fans raised as stink about that toy of Straxus from the Generations line, the one that was named Darkmount because "Straxus" wasn't available. Most Transformers fans know who Darkmount really is.

          Or if they complained about Slingshot being renamed Quickslinger or Wildrider being renamed Brake-Neck in Combiner Wars. We know their "real" names, the new ones are a small price to pay.

          I mean, it's kind of easy to understand why using the word "slave" for a scantily clad woman might not exactly be the easiest thing to sell these days. Dropping the name Slave-1 for Boba Fett's ship, on the other hand...

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