At ease, disease! Sgt. Slaughter has re-enlisted!

Bob Remus has apparently signed a multi-year deal with Hasbro that will see the beloved Sgt. Slaughter return to the GI Joe brand, including appearing in the Classified line.

According to the Sarge himself, the WWF's refusal to let him be part of GI Joe is the reason he left the company in 1984.

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5 Responses to At ease, disease! Sgt. Slaughter has re-enlisted!

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I only regret that he'll be almost impossible to find, considering just about every other character who is part of G.I.Joe Classified is almost impossible to find.

  2. Cm says:

    Hope he's not an exclusive-that way we'll at least be able to do a preorder whenever instead of hoping to find one in stores. But if it's Comic-Con or something, it'll be sold out too fast.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      That's unfortunately not an option for me, since where I live in South-East Asia distribution is so awful much of the time the Classified series aren't even offered for preorder.

      Like, somehow our local Toys R Us and other toy stores received entire cases of Pimp Daddy Destro and the Cobra Commander variant with gold trim, but almost no one else. Forget Cobra Troopers or Officers, we barely got any Dukes or Scarletts.

      Worse, a friend of mine who runs a group to order stuff (in order to get bulk discounts) mentioned that Hasbro cut the supply of Classified series to our region (i.e. Malaysia-Singapore) because of "lack of demand", but part of the reason there was such a lack of demand was because the toys were so difficult to find that many people didn't even know they were out, and the ones who actually wanted to get them found it so difficult they just gave up.

      • yo go re says:

        That sucks!

        • Ai Muhao says:

          You can say that again. I could order direct from a place like BigBadToyStore, but add shipping and you're looking at almost double to triple the price since they ship from the US.

          Luckily it was easy to ignore most releases like the Alley Vipers or Dusty... but then I saw the upcoming Crimson Guard and thought, "Hey... I at least have Cobra Commander..." Now I gotta save up for at least 2. Hahah.

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