Fortnite: Skye & Ollie addendum

In today's review, yo said, "Let's hope Hasbro has plans to make a tall fight stand at some point." I may not follow Fortnite, but I do enjoy a good display stand, so this caught my attention. The good news is, they already have made one; the bad news is, it's an exclusive.

The largest set in this first wave of figures is TNTina with her "Wild Blast" Glider. And since a glider doesn't mean much if the figure is just standing on the ground, the set also includes a flight stand.

The stand is entirely clear plastic, with the Fortnite logo tampographed on the front of the base in unobtrusive gray paint. The base has a 5.5" footprint (though sloping sides mean only about 4.75" of usable surface) and ten indentations on the top - sockets for... something? At the rear of the base is a 10" tall arm that rises up and curves forward over the platform, and features a rotating balljoint at the tip. Plug a glider in, and the figure can dangle from it.

Unfortunately, TNTina is a Walmart exclusive, and is currently the only way to get this flight stand. So if you want one, you'll have to find her.

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