Star Wars: Creating Adventure

Five years ago, Brian Hickey had an idea: re-create the entire Star Wars Original Trilogy using nothing more than the old Kenner toys.

Leia gives R2 the plans

He worked diligently, collecting vintage figures and creating all the necessary effects in-camera. And then when it was pointed out he'd need a license to publish his book, he reached out to Disney... who sent him a form letter rejection without even reading the question.

Luke and Vader face off in the Carbonite freezing chamber

But a labor of love deserves to be seen, and while Hickey couldn't find a publisher for his book, there's absolutely nothing saying he can't release it online for free. So now you can enjoy all his hard work, even if he's not making any money from the effort.

Palpatine watches the lightsaber duel

See the whole thing here. And let him know his hard work didn't go to waste.

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One Response to Star Wars: Creating Adventure

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Heh. With all the bad press Disney's been getting recently, that "sent him a form rejection letter without even looking at the question" bit reminds me about why the company deserves all the bad press.

    It reminds me of the bad press Games Workshop has gotten because of their blanket ban on fanworks about Warhammer. Way to grow your community and build brand loyalty, geniuses.

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