Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Gareth (In Memorium) review

Bet this guy would have run a great recipe blog.

There was no "Gareth" in the comics - a lot of characters have been reimagined or reassigned, and TV show Gareth takes the place of comicbook Chris. Why did they change it? It's not like he's a substantially different person, so it's honestly just a question of putting a different name tag on his shirt. Was it so we'd instantly mistrust him? A guy named "Chris" is just a guy, but when you hear the name "Gareth," it immediately sounds like a creep. At least, if you're American; there are several Brits named Gareth who seem perfectly fine, but American parents who would have named their child "Gareth" were just asking for him up to end up on a registry somewhere.

If you don't recall (and who could blame you, since he was in Season 5 and that was eight bloody years ago) Gareth was the leader of Terminus, the former train station that promised "Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.", but was actually run by cannibals just trying to pull people in. Exactly what a "Gareth" would do.

Gareth didn't warrant a real release in any of the normal series, just this In Momoriam set. Which came out five years ago, because you're getting appreciably older and you can feel it in your bones. He's recognizable thanks to the stripes on the sleeves of his windbreaker and his oh-so-stylish Peter Petrelli haircut. Since the In Memorium figures show their subjects near the time of their death, this Mini is posed aiming his rifle at the door of Gabriel's little church. It's not too near the time of his death, though, because he's still got the right number of fingers.

Gareth was available in a 1:24 ratio, putting him in every other case (swapping the top right center spot with Lori).

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