Keep your toys cozy this winter

So Target has these lil $3 sweater ornaments... *picture of an Optimus Prime toy wearing an oversized knit sweater with a large golden snowflake on the chest*

a Master Chief toy wearing a tiny knit sweater


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3 Responses to Keep your toys cozy this winter

  1. googum says:

    Ooh, I wonder if one would fit the Composite Hulk that's in my Xmas display...

  2. Pharmadan says:

    Ooh gotta see if these will fit on Kong

  3. yo go re says:

    I wanted to put one on the non-Walgreens Thing, but he was too bulky for it. I think the best figure would be something in 7" scale that's already pretty skinny to begin with. And if you can take the head off, even better - the neck hole doesn't want to stretch much...

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