Dungeons & Dragons: Venger's stats

From the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series Handbook, here are Venger's stats:

He's a Neutral Evil half-fiend human sorcerer 13/archmage 5, if you always wondered.

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5 Responses to Dungeons & Dragons: Venger's stats

  1. ridureyu says:

    3.5 Edition, so not compatible with current-gen D&D. Ah, alas, poor Venger!

    (I mean, he could be converted over, but you'd redo all the numbers and probably change his spell list massively)

    • ridureyu says:

      Basically, 3.5 monsters were built like player characters, with levels and feats and everything (feats are also vastly different in 5E, hahaha). Really not so in 5th Edition. The huge block of text taking up the right side of the page? most of that would be gone. his spell list would be shrunken down (still resembling a player's, but not as hugely extensive). His melee and ranged attacks would need different numbers, but claw claw bite fits. He would probably have spell-like special techniques that are at-will or recharge on a dice roll. he would definitely have:
      -Legendary resistance (can just pass some saves)
      -Lair actions (nasty stuff when you fight him at home)

      As for the numbers:
      -his HP is WAY too low for his level in 5E. he would die in under a round.
      -his armor class would actually need to go down by a few bits. In 3.5, attack bonuses scale up as you go. In 5e, they remain within the same basic range. he could be really hard to hit at 21, and 25 is just excessive.
      -Likewise, his attack bonuses and damage would have to go down a bit. Still high, though.

      5E monsters seem weaker in SOME ways, but they're more directly strategy-focused and less "HERE ARE A TON OF STATS LOL." Like, I could see 5E Venger having some nasty unique spells that would inform his strategy. Character control, movement-inhibiting, area of effect, etc.

      • Ai Muhao says:

        I'm completely unfamiliar with how DnD works, but how powerful is he in game terms according to the info above? Like, a final boss for a beginner-friendly adventure? An epic battle for veteran adventurers?

        It mentions using him as a cameo and briefly engaging the players before simply leaving, so the latter?

        • yo go re says:

          In 3.5, his challenge rating of 21 makes him about as tough as a very old and powerful dragon by himself. Which is probably why, in the cartoon, the only thing he's ever worried about is Tiamat, who is basically five dragons...

          • Ai Muhao says:

            Heh. Appropriate, then. Thanks for the answer.

            Hahah. Man, I loved the DnD cartoon back in the day, and nowadays I find more and more things to appreciate about it.

            It's just a shame the Venger toy is kind of disappointing. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about the DnD cartoon classics makes them feel "cheap", especially compared to, say, the Gelatinous Cube or the Dicelings. Maybe if Venger came with an optional "folded wings" part?

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