Get on the Quarantrain!

The BBC recently published a study that claimed the mental health crisis from the pandemic minimal. The study was deeply flawed and obviously wrong, so the internet immediately began dunking on this blatant piece of propaganda. One of the most popular rebuttals was to list the insane things you did during quaratine, from culinary adventures to recursive puzzles to unhinged puppetry to watching Morbius.

Among the best, though, had to be Jim Merullo, who, quote, "recreated every dumb idea in my brain in HO scale in my basement." That's where the Trolley Problem at the top of the page comes from. He's collected photos of all his silly little builds in one place, so go see all the references to bands and books and TV and more.

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  1. James says:

    My current favorite (and toy-related) version of the trolley problem:

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