Final Faction: Kharn Drone Scourge Weapons Pack exclusive review

The Synthoid's accessory pack was the only pack in Series 1 that was specific to a single Kharn character - there were two others, the Quake Arms and the Shock Arms, but they were designed for anyone to use. Series 2, though, brought one set for everybody: the Evolution Pack for the Synthoids, the Striker set for the Brutes, and the Scourge set for the Drones.

This vicious, dual pronged weapon bridges the distance between enemies in a most painful fashion.

Even creepy space aliens love anime swords! This thing is almost a full head taller than the Drone himself, and features a peg on one side so you can store it on the figure's back. The blade is actually two single-sided blades standing next to one another. There's a sharp-looking handguard in front of the sword's hilt, which is good, because you need it: the handle is sized for human hands rather than alien, so he can't hold it without the handguard slipped over the fingers. The only place the Drone's hand is sized to hold the sword is in the center, making this less of a sword and more of a battle staff.

An energy weapon of extreme power, this handheld firearm hits whatever Schyten cannot reach.

This neat little blaster fits over the figure's arm, though it's way wider than a Drone is. It's even wider than the Brute and General Diabol! It kind of looks like some kind of crustacean or insect, with an armored carapace and six little legs sticking out the sides. If it weren't as wide, you could pretend those legs were meant to wrap around the user's arm and hold on securely. While the Schyten sword was gold, Luminar is a metallic teal - even the energy ball projectile pinched in the front of it.

Inspired by a serpent on the Kharn homeworld, this back mounted cannon is capable of firing venomous rounds that dissolve any surface, etching fear into all Kharn enemies.

Boy, the Kharn sure love their backpacks, don't they? Two of the Quake Arms accessories were backpacks, and now we've got one in this set, as well. The peg needs to be trimmed to fit flush against the Drone's back, but the interior of the piece is shaped to fit right up against him. It's got a similar insectoid look to the Luminar, with legs to grip the body and a short tail. The two arms raise up over the wearer's shoulders War of the Worlds style, and the tips look more like they're buzzsaws than something that fires venom.

Speaking of "Venom," I only have the Venomized version of the Drone, but there is no matching Scourge set. Fortunately, the teal and gold both blend pretty well with the black-and-green colorscheme. The only downside to this Weapons Pack is that the Drone's existing gun has to be discarded on the ground, and that's no major issue at all.

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