NECA: "Back to the Future" Accessory Set

Today's Doc Brown review lamented the Back to the Future acessory pack that would have made the figure complete but is functionally unavailable. It was sold in the same kind of box as all the other BttF toys, with the cover flap designed to look like the Flux Capacitor. Here's what's inside the box:

For Doc himself, we get the hood of his hazmat suit, the crate of plutonium cores with a hinged lid and one removable tube (the rest are all sculpted in place), Einstein the dog with a timing watch hanging around his neck, and the letter Marty wrote warning him about getting shot.

For Hazmat Suit Marty, there's a Vulcan salute hand.

For 1955 Doc, we finally get the brainwave scanner, attached to a new Christopher Lloyd head.

For 2015 Marty, the YOU'RE FIRED fax he used to keep track of his future status, plus a loose pair of Nikes identical to the ones the figure is already wearing, and a case to store them in. The page torn out of the Hill Valley phonebook would also count, and possibly the walkie-talkie; I know those are from 1985, but they mainly got used in the past. We really need a "leather jacket and black fedora" Marty sometime.

Finally, there are a pair of OUTATIME license plates: one pristine, the other scorched.

The only true must-have in the set is Einstein, but by making this accessory pack an online exclusive and leaving the marketing of it up to whatever social media manager was asleep at the wheel at the time, there are several figures who will now always be at least minorly incomplete.

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