Soon Forget: MotU Classics Ra-Jar

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our figure today is Mattel's Ra-Jar.

Back when Mattel was hosting its Create-a-Character contest for the Masters of the Universe Classics line, they didn't just jump straight to Castle Grayskullman - there were other finalists as well. For instance, Angelia Pettus's creation, Ra-Jar, the Heroic Six-Handed Warrior.

Real Name: Rajar Powar Kamal III
Prince of the ancient City of Kundali. For decades Ra-Jar reined over the hidden Jungle Kingdom with great wisdom and justice until the Snake Men army conquered the holy city, occupying the Grand Palace and enslaving his people. After he escaped, he joined the Masters of the Universe in their battle against evil. With his power of Hypnosis he is a powerful ally if the Snake Men strike again.

Comes complete with: Sword and Shield of Langore, 6 Daggers of Nawab, 4 interchangeable hypnotic Gemstones, Removable holster, Grand Palace Force blaster and his best friend: Langur Taki.

This isn't a "cancelled" toy in the usual sense, in that it was just one of six potential ideas that would be made, but this absolutely would have been a fun toy if it had won.

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3 Responses to Soon Forget: MotU Classics Ra-Jar

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Oh, that really does look cool. And having the extra arms on a removable backpack is a brilliant idea. Like, the picture of him shirtless with the scimitar makes me think he'd have made a fine stand-in for a big, strong brute henchman for Indiana Jones to fight.

    Heh. I do wonder if, if he'd been made, in the current climate in the US you'd have Twitter people being all "cultural appropriation"!

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