Hot Wheels Character Cars Aang and Appa reviews


The packaging for both these Character Cars is a unified design. The top of the card is a dark navy blue, with the Hot Wheels logo in one corner and the Nickelodeon logo in the other. Below the orange Nick box you'll see the four nations' logos in white (Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom Fire Nation, Air Nomads) and the logo of the show. The lower 75% of card is tan, like parchment, with the symbols repeated in the background. A large piece of character takes up the majority of the card: Aang or, in this case, Appa.

Character Car Appa is one of the best translations we've seen yet. Looking at it in profile, you immediately see the sky bison shape, from the stocky head to the long, flat tail. He becomes a massive truck, along the lines of Man-At-Arms or Beast, but even larger (judging by the size of the doors). Instead of six legs, this Appa has six wheels, and his horns are here smokestacks.

Despite the toy's huge size, it's surprisingly light - it's made more from molded plastic than die cast metal, probably so the weight of it doesn't make the bubble fall off the card. The body of the truck is creamy white, with brown stripes painted on and black for the glass. The entire rear of the truck is hollow, and, why, would you look at that! There are four divots in the bed of the truck, sized exactly like the wheels on Aang's car. You guessed it: just like Appa can carry Aang around, Truck Appa can haul Car Aang around! Fun! The angle of the truck bed means Aang rests lower than is intended, but he still stays in place pretty well.

Mattel has announced quite a few Character Cars that sound interesting, but haven't actually showed up at retail yet. Avatar is a great way to get back into the swing of things.

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