Barbie meets Beast Wars

According to the artist, "Silverbolt fits so well as Ken I had to draw them in this little scene from the trailer."

Silverbolt: "Thought I might stay over tonight."

Blackarachnia: "Why?"

Silverbolt: "Cus we're girlfriend and boyfriend"

Blackarachnia: "To do what?"

Silverbolt: *silent for a moment*

Silverbolt: "I'm not actually sure"

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    What about whatever the hell Optimus and Elita did in "The Search For Alpha Trion"?

    This made me chuckle, though I have to admit the BW nerd in me points out Black Arachnia would definitely be more than happy to match Silverbolt flirt-for-flirt.

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