Soon Forget: Hot Toys Eyeball Man

If there was one thing that stood out about the first Suicide Squad trailer, it was how badly the movie wanted to be Guardians of the Galaxy. (Oh, how little we knew back then!) If there were two things that stood out, the second was... well, the second was the undeniably "male gaze" way Harley's ass was framed when she was stealing the purse. But if there were three things that stood out about the first Suicide Squad trailer, the third was: "wait, was that The Orb?"

Hot Toys did make a line of Suicide Squad figures, but not everything they showed off ended up being made. At SDCC 2016, they revealed a bunch of new product, including this alternate Joker and two of his hired goons: Mr. Grin and Eyeball Man.

Likely chosen because "a normal suit" and "a prison onesie" were patterns they already had laying around and thus wouldn't need to spend any extra money producing (as opposed to, say, "a full-body panda suit"), nevertheless the toys were ultimately not produced, meaning we had to wait until 2023 to get a toy of a man with nothing but a giant eyeball for a head.

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