Transformers: Legacy Evolution Crashbar addendum

Some alternate assemblies mentioned in Crashbar's review:

Clearly matching the colors was an important decision.

Here's how he and Scraphook look with their limbs traded:

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3 Responses to Transformers: Legacy Evolution Crashbar addendum

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I've enjoyed these new Junkions a whole lot more than I did the Weaponisers from Siege, the Modulators from Earthrise or the Fossilizers from Kingdom. A big part is the colour scheme, which as is mentioned here is why you can mix and match parts from Crashbar and Scrapheap, and they'll still look like they're from the same robot.

    Like was brought up, you can rearrange a bunch of stuff to make Crashbar look different. You get two Crashbars, and you can make them them look like individuals, at least in robot mode.

    Of course, the problem is plenty of people have the same idea. I was at our local Toys R Us, and while there are plenty of Animated Prowls (so at least I can buy multiples to pretend he's doing a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu style attack), there are no Crashbars to be found.

    I really hope the Junkions are the ones that get rereleased in future lines, cos it's the mass-produced guys who we really need more of.

  2. Pharmadan says:

    I know we just got a new Waspinator, but it seems such a missed opportunity to not have one that you could pull apart like these junkions.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      I'm guessing it would've affected the stability of the toy or the transformation. I do find that on SS86 Kup (and the Orion Pax retool) the limbs pop off way too easily.

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