Which way, Western Man?

a "life cycle" meme with arrows pointing in a never ending circle, with the words reading "I decide to buy more online, I don't buy things in stores, things in the stores don't sell, the store doesn't order new things, I can't find anything new in stores," and then circling back to "I decide to buy more online" to start the cycle again


an identical meme with different text: "I decide to buy more in person, I do buy things in stores, the store sells their stock, the store orders future things, I can find more things in stores," and then back to the beginning

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7 Responses to Which way, Western Man?

  1. goldira says:

    What...? ;D

    Isn't it disingenuous to blame store stock on an individual collector? A store isn't going to change what it's doing based just on me and what I spend.

    • Blue Bowls says:

      Like all big changes, it's less about one person doing one thing, and more about every person doing their one small part. Enough people do it, and things change. But that means you have to start BEFORE the change happens, not wait until it does.

  2. yo go re says:

    Sprocket constantly makes fun of me for refusing to buy things online that I should be able to get at Walmart or Target, so I feel this.

    Of course, that's also why I don't have Motormaster or Tarn yet, so it's not a battle I can win every time...

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  4. James says:

    Things in the stores don't sell => Store puts things on clearance => I buy things in person

    Yeah, I realize that that doesn't help encourage the store to order future things. But, FWIW, when I buy online, I also almost never buy at MSRP. And for the rare occasions where I'm willing to pay MSRP, I'd just do pre-orders, which basically have to be done online.

    But maybe if Hasbro stopped raising its prices I'd be more willing to pay MSRP and buy in stores. And it certainly doesn't help the stores' case when physical Target stores absurdly raise their in-store prices above MSRP (despite having a price match policy that explicitly states that Target will match the prices on their own website).

  5. Haggis says:

    Live in a rural area ->
    Could never find anything in local stores->
    Ask Stores if they can get advertised items in, they say they don't do that->
    Decide to order online for less money->
    Stores blame online shopping for loss of business.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      Don't forget

      Stores get in stuff companies push ->
      Stuff turns out to be unpopular and barely moves ->
      Store is still sitting on said stuff months or even years later ->
      Store is no longer able to get new stuff in ->
      People no longer bother checking the store for new stuff

      Fuck you, Disney and Marvel. That toy store I like still has shelves packed with Eternals, Shang Chi and Black Widow garbage whereas before they even got things like Transformers Generations Selects and G.I.Joe Classified. And I fragging live in South-East Asia.

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