Spider-Verse Jessica Drew addendum

As mentioned in today's review, here is one of the earlier designs for Jessica Drew, before it was decided to make her black:

a vaguely Asian Spider-Woman, sitting on her motorcycle and talking casually about her pregnancy

You can really see the Kris Anka influence there.

And as a bonus, witness the original Electric Company Spider-Woman:

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10 Responses to Spider-Verse Jessica Drew addendum

  1. ridureyu says:

    Interesting how the early version says "partner," while the finished film says "husband." I wonder what motive they had to make her explicitly heterosexual and explicitly married? But then while they're busy hetero-confirming characters, they also sneaked in absolute proof that Gwen is a transwoman.

    • yo go re says:

      (Yes, "absolute proof," as long as you don't require things like "proof" or "being absolute"...)

      • Ai Muhao says:

        Heh. This reminds of why I never got round to watching that movie: it felt like there was agenda no matter what (e.g. "Oh! They support this cause!" "No, they don't! You're reading too much into it!" "There's the proof they intended *insert belief here*" etc) Really nose-dived any interest I had in sitting down to watch.

        The other reason is trying to watch the film was somewhat painful. Like, seeing stills and what-not showed that it was vibrant and colourful etc, but somehow watching it in motion like in trailers and clips hurt my eyes enough that I figured I wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway.

        • Pharmadan says:

          It's a pity your eyes couldn't handle it, the movie was a blast. It did take some time for my eyes to adjust though, maybe home viewing could work.

          • Ai Muhao says:

            I attempted to watch at home through...shall we say "extra-legal means"?, but the same problem cropped up even if I watched in a brightly-lit or dark room, etc.

            I think it's just the combination of colours, movement and the particular artstyle that causes it, because I don't recall having problems like this with lots of flashing lights (e.g. playing Star Wars Empire at War with max graphics with starships zipping around, explosions and blaster fire all over did not cause pain unless I'd been staring at the screen for hours on end).

      • ridureyu says:

        She wears trans colors, has a trans flag in her room, and her whole story with her dad is framed like accepting a trans child, so...?

        • yo go re says:

          I'm not saying it's delusional - or even difficult - to read it as a trans metaphor or anything, but that's not the same as a definitive statement. Her costume is the color it was in the comics, and it's entirely feasible she'd have a trans flag just because she's a good person who cares about others. CM Punk has a trans-color shirt, but I don't think it's meant to secretly say anything about him, any more than I think the building Miles runs past having "Black Lives Matter" painted on its side means it has to be a black-owned business.

          Sometimes, when presented with the choice to be on the right side of history or the wrong side, people will choose the right side even if it doesn't affect them personally...

          • Ai Muhao says:

            I'm kind of reminded of why I stopped watching the Netflix Voltron series: it was partially because I was so sick of people insisting Pidge _had_ to be trans because she disguised herself as a boy and doesn't show many typical female traits, despite the showrunners outright saying that wasn't the intent. (Incidentally, the other reason were the shippers.)

            Like, what, a girl who isn't traditionally feminine automatically secretly wants to be a boy? Are tomboys no longer a thing over in the US or something?

          • Pharmadan says:


            I've had similar moments with some Persona4 fans insisting their fan theories are the correct interpretation, and completely ignoring that the game directly tells you the issue.

            Game says X is just struggling with fear of rejection to do interests that are different- "fans" no its because X is gay and is the gayest guy who ever gayed. Ignore moments of attraction to characters Y & Z

            Game says A's issue is because of Japanese culture not considering their profession suitable for their gender and being dismissed due to age- "fans" say oh A must be trans. Can't be anything else. Nope. Ignore what A says in the game.

            And those are just the biggest ones

          • yo go re says:

            Things like that are why we need more queer representation in media: fans will see perfectly normal friendships (Poe and Finn as an example, or Cap and Bucky) and pretend it's more because they're starved for content; then other fans get Big Mad at that interpretation. It's like, "my brother, YOU don't want other fans shipping these characters? Then support creating characters they CAN ship."

            Also, Pidge isn't trans? I guess that makes sense, she's basically Space-Mulan, I just hadn't thought about it recently...

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