"Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" Comic Series: Ultron review

Didn't we just get this?

Robot. Maniacal genius. Science experiment gone wrong. Ultron is the supreme weapon of mass destruction and a mortal threat to his creator Hank Pym, the Avengers, and all humankind.

So yes, below the neck, this is the exact same Ultron we got in 2021, which makes this a very simple review: good sculpt, good articulation, but this time swirly plastic so less-good appearance. We do get some alternate hands this time, if you really care about that. He's even got the same hands as before: a pair of fists, an open left hand, then a pair for holding accessories. Which it turns out you might need.

For whatever reason, they've given this Ultron a new head. It's the same basic style, because it's supposed to be, but there are some minor changes: the piece going over the top of the head is wider, and smooth instead of having dips molded into it; the angle of the eyes is more sinister; the ear-antennae only connect to the head in one spot instead of two; and the mouth is smaller. There's an internal piece to make him look like he's got a mouth full of Kirby dots, which does look nice, but it also means the energy effect reused from last time can't fit in his mouth in any way. I know I was dumb about this last time, but this time even the stock photos only show him holding it in his hand. What a silly design.

You're going to have to get Ultron if you want to build the Cassie Lang Build-A-Figure: he's got the left arm.

The best thing I can say about this Ultron is I now have a second energy krackle to put in the mouth of the older one, like I thought we were supposed to. Otherwise, this really wasn't executed very well at all.

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