Dungeons & Dragons Gelatinous Cube addendum

So what accessories does the Gelatinous Cube include? Let's go side by side.

  • The front: a large shield, a bag of holding, and what is clearly a version of Holga's axe

  • Right side: the wrecked remnants of a buckler shield, a green flask with some sort of emblem on the side, and a spellbook with a ram's head on the cover

  • The back: half a scroll, a skull in a helmet, and leg bones in the remains of a boot

  • Left side: bag of coins, and a mostly dissolved bearded axe

  • The top: a bow and... I don't know what that thing is. Some weird white thing. It's the same color as the bones, but it doesn't match up with any human(oid) anatomy. It is An Item.

A fine small assortment. It's just a shame you can't use them as real accessories.

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4 Responses to Dungeons & Dragons Gelatinous Cube addendum

  1. Pharmadan says:

    I like my cube it has a Six Armed Spider-Man inside it.

    Honestly I think it was a missed opportunity on Hasbros part to not have enough bits to assemble and equip a skeleton. Even with just ball joints at the big five it would have boosted both value and playability immensely.

  2. Snemei says:

    Is the axe not usable on its own? It's a pretty solid standin for what Holgas axe looks like by the end of the film

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