The story of Chuckles and the Crimson Twins

So like today's review said, fancy packaging.

It looks like some sort of electronic device, with a screen and speaker on the front, various knobs and dials and wires all around the sides, and Extensive Enterprises branding on the back. Which is awesome, because it counts as environmental storytelling.

The main image on the "screen" is Chuckles smiling at the viewer and flashing a peace sign as he flaunts the file folder he stole. Okay, simple enough. But down in the corner of the screen, like picture-in-picture, is a second image, featuring Baroness and the Crimson Twins yelling angrily. So basically, this box is something the three Cobras have, and they're impotently watching Chuckles make off with their intel.

More importantly, if you get the "Crimson Strike Team" exclusive, which features Baroness and the Twins, that set's packaging looks like a secure briefcase (with the latches on top unlocked with the codes "TMX" and "XMT").

When you open the lid, there's a screen showing the three of them still yelling at the viewer, while the picture-in-picture is now Chuckles casually walking away.

Side note: The artist has made a mistake with the gold, unfortunately. Those bars are stamped as 250 gram ingots, which are very small - generally about 33 x 60 millimeters, (about half the size of a business card) and ¼" thick. At 14 bars per layer, this "briefcase" would be 9" x 4¾", even smaller than the actual toy box is.

It's possible they're meant to be Good Delivery bars, aka the stereotypical bricks you think of when you hear "gold bar" - those are 400 troy ounces, about 27.5 pounds apiece, so they'd make this briefcase weigh 770 pounds, minimum. If the case is 18" x 14", then each of these bars would be 9" x 2", which is close enough to being accurate... but only at the top. You'll remember that type of bar has sloped sides, being larger at the bottom than at the top, so they shouldn't be bumping right up against one another if that's what they're meant to be. But since Cobra is clearly casting its own bars, it's possible they make their own shape, as well.

Alternately, it may be that they're meant to be 1 kilo bars, which are roughly the size of a smartphone. In that case, the case would probably be a little smaller, and you could fit about six layers of them in here, which would drop the weight down to 190 pounds. Still not something easy to move with, but at least closer to realistic.

But in any case, there's no way in which the 250g marking is correct.

The interior of the front flap of Chuckles' packaging features a little comic, showing him breaking into the Coconut Palm bar, getting spotted by a patrol of BATs, fighting his way downstairs, jumping out a window and into a waiting car; next to that is a photo of the toy standing on a beach, intel in hand, waiting for the helicopter that's coming to pick him up. In the sand behind him? The briefcase, spilling out a pile of gold bars, with the Cobras yelling at him via the screen.

So he stole the goods, made his escape to the extraction point, and opened the case to verify the contents. An alarm alerted the Twins, who tuned their little receiver to the built-in camera's frequency and saw Chuckles pilfering their paperwork. He mocked them, and then he went on his way while they shouted threats at his back.

(On the Crimson Strike Team set, removing the outer sleeve reveals another copy of the case, but this time with blood, scuffs, and dents all over it, like he used it in a fight.

Additionally, the flap protecting the three figures inside it looks like a file folder on one side - with Classified Crimson BAT box art as a "photo" on the front and vintage BAT Figure Sculpture Sheet peeking out as the contents within - and those Cobra gold bars on the other!)

Chuckles' box respresents the thing the Crimson Strike Team was holding, and the Crimson Strike Team's box represents the thing Chuckles was holding. That's some complex storytelling, without even saying a word! Plus, the cardboard tray he's in has flower print just like his shirt, and instead of a footlocker, the box holding his accessories (also in a flower-print bag) looks like the high-end briefcase he stole. Great stuff!

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2 Responses to The story of Chuckles and the Crimson Twins

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Dang, that's actually really, really clever.

    I was completely turned off IDW's take on G.I.Joe because they were going the whole "realistic, darker and edgier" angle, but this one...

  2. Adramelech says:

    Here I come
    Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them
    Tougher than leather
    You can call me Chuckles
    Unlike Sonic I don't knuckle.....

    .....wait, what?

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