Dungeons & Dragons: Strongheart evolution

We did this for Warduke, might as well do it for Strongheart as well.

Here's the 1983 The Shady Dragon Inn entry:

"STRONGHEART is a Paladin, a lawful, good fighter who aids any who need his help. His worst enemy is WARDUKE. Years ago the two were friends, but the Heartstone brought out their strongest qualities. STRONGHEART, aided by PERALAY and RINGLERUN, escaped unharmed, but WARDUKE and his friends became twisted and evil. STRONGHEART's horse, Destrier, is a nihrain horse, and has helped him in several adventures. STRONGHEART's sword Purlblade was given to him by some dwarves he helped. Few folk argue with this 6'2" giant clad in shining plate mail atop his great white stallion. Throughout the land his deeds have made his name stand for justice and right."

And what 2021's The Wild Beyond the Witchlight had to say:

"Strongheart is a fearless seeker of justice, risking his life to ensure that good triumphs over evil. He is thoughtful, kind, and seldom rash, yet never hesitant to punish those who spit in the face of law and order.

Strongheart doesn't worship a god but devotes himself to an ideal: that the world can be spared from evil by those who have enough courage to stand against it."

The lesson is clear: the better your art, the less room you have for text.

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