Star Wars: The Bounty Collection Series 7 Loth-Cat review

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In 2020, to cash in on the public's love of Baby Yoda, Hasbro introduced The Bounty Collection, a series of six unarticulated vinyl figures of the little fella in various poses, done in a cartoony style. They're undeniably cute, but I could get the same value out of looking at a photo of them as I could from owning them, so I managed not to buy any. They were clearly a hit, though, because the line is still going today.

After five series (meaning 30 different unique Baby Yodas), the line finally branched out in Series 6 to include some other characters: R2-D2, BD-1, and two versions of L0-LA59. Now Series 7 goes even further, giving us BB-8, Chopper, Baby Ahsoka, and a Loth-Cat.

Loth-cats were introduced to Star Wars fans during Rebels, and to the rest of the normies during Ahsoka. Native to the planet Lothal (Ezra's homeworld), Loth-cats are exactly what they sound like: cats in space. They're mostly feral, living in the wild, though some have been domesticated and kept as pets.

The Bounty Collection toys don't pretend to be in scale with anything else - even each other. Given Loth-cats' average size on the various shows (a little larger than an average house cat), this ~3" long figurine would need to be put with... 10" figures? So 1:7 scale. Basically nothing. You don't get this because you want to put it with other toys, you get it because you want a cute little kitty that's not available in any other way.

The Loth-cat is depicted in its species' usual posture of aggression: head down, ears back, scaly legs splayed, teeth bared, and tail swishing to the side. Judging by the colors, this is meant to be Murley, Sabine's pet; it's light grey, with a darker patch on its head, tan ears that speckle up to brown at the tips, and brown spots on its back and stripes on its tail.

The Bounty Collection is not sold blind-boxed, so you can always tell what you're getting when you pick one up. If you want the Loth-cat (or any of the other cute little things), all you need to do is look for the box with their picture on it and you'll be set.

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  1. googum says:

    I got one, to go with my MCU Adam Warlock, for Blurp!

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