ML11: Black Panther review

King T'Challa, the Black Panther, protects his home of Wakanda armed with superhuman abilities and the precious metal, Vibranium.

Hasbro's already made Black Panther's first costume and a modern one, but this is his '90s look - which hasn't had a figure since ToyBiz. Specifically, it's the costume that debuted in Black Panther #13, which means it was likely designed by Sal Velluto. The figure uses the oversized body, with the lined boots and gloves from the previous figure. The gold accents at the top of the gloves are simply held in place by friction, but the belt and the necklace/cape are glued on.

While the eyes and the claws on the open hands (the fists don't have any) are painted gold, the other costume elements are separate pieces - including the necklace, which is not only glued to the chest, but also pegged into the cape at the edges where it looks like it would clasp them - I can tell you this confidently, because getting this wide-ass cape out of the tray it's fed through was a hassle and a half, and the pegs popped out of place and had to be reinserted. Cleverly, the collar on the cape is designed to sit so far back behind the shoulders that T'Challa can be posed hunched over with his head tipped fully up, and he'll still look great.

This figure does not include a part of the Void Build-A-Figure, but that's okay with me: I'm honestly not sure I'm going to complete that BAF. Panther himself is really nice, even if he doesn't have the nice texture the 2005 figure sported.

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