Four Horsemen present: Anubis & Bastet

This time last year we were getting Sun Wu Kong, so I guess "the middle of May" is now a Figura Obscrura time, like Halloween and Giftsmas.

It is time to unwrap a new Figura Obscura. Tomorrow (Saturday, 05/18/24), the latest character to roam the halls of the Figura Obscura shall be revealed, and you are invited to join us starting at 9am EST.

The teaser image was easier to decipher this time, at least to the extent we could tell it was going to be something Ancient-Egypt-related. But we weren't expecting a two-pack!

Four Horsemen's Gods of Ancient Egypt, Anubis & Bastet

The gods are made from Mythic Legions parts, with plenty of new work to complete the look, and as of this posting, they're not sold out yet (nor is the "all in" bundle with the figures, two pins, and a mug). If the set does go before you get a chance to place your order, there will be a second drop tonight at 8pm EST. This isn't a preorder; the figures are already in stock and ready to ship in a few days, so get the pair for your divine display now!

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