Introducing Hot Wheels Optimus Prime

Well well well, look at this! A Hot Wheels version of Optimus Prime that can actually change from a truck to a robot!

That's pretty awesome! As soon as it shows up on the store pegs, we'll be happy to pay the $5 or however much they want for it!

Oh, but wait, no: they're not selling it at retail. And they're definitely not selling it for five dollars. It's an exclusive being sold on their website, and it's going to sell for EIGHTY GODDAMN DOLLARS! Mattel thinks you're stupid enough to pay EIGHTY U.S. DOLLARS for a toy not even worth one-tenth of that.

The work that went into the toy's creation is impressive, but not $80 worth of impressive. Not for a 3½" tall robot.

At least we can trust that the money was used to pay all the workers a fair wage, right? We're certainly not about to show you a picture from Mattel's own site that suggests they used AI to write the box copy instead of paying a human to do it, are we?

Wow, who could believe that Mattel, the company that never met an idea it couldn't do wrong, had the idea of "Transformers, but they're Hot Wheels" and somehow did a whole bunch of it wrong?

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2 Responses to Introducing Hot Wheels Optimus Prime

  1. Black Arbor says:

    So I get using AI to write copy, I don't like it, but I get it... but did literally no one proofread that? Or, even worse, someone did and still thought it was perfectly fine to print...

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