Mad Max: Fury Road Mystery Minis - Furiosa reviews

The Mad Max prequel Furiosa opens next week, and the early reviews are already saying it's better even than Fury Road was. Get hype!

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When George Miller was beginning writing the one Mad Max movie anybody actually cares about, he came up with two potential names for it: Fury Road and Furiosa. Obviously "Fury Road" was chosen, but at that point "Furiosa" had nowhere to go. It would be years later that the name was finally applied to the character, who had until that point only been known by titles (such as "Imperator").

This is the "plain" Furiosa, just standing there frowning and holding her gun. She's sculpted with short hair, a bit longer than the movie showed, and the top of her face is darkened by grease. Unfortunately, the paint is too light on the production figure - for whatever reason, Funko decided to make it look more like a painted shadow on her skin than the dark black it really was. It's the same way variant Nux didn't look properly chromed, he looked like he needed a shave. This barely looks like Furiosa because they did her war paint wrong. The promo shots were way better.

You can tell what bit of the movie this Mini is from thanks to her gun. She's holding her modified Type 56 SKS, which was used at several points, but only had a scope like this toy's twice: in the day-for-night scene, when she was aiming at the Bullet Farmer, but also prior to that when she first sniped the two Imperators who were still following the War Rig while Joe mourned Splendid. Other than that detail, this is a perfectly standard figurine of her, wearing her regular outfit - dark pants, light top, several brown belts to hold on her mechanical arm - and though her eyebrows are sculpted, the little frown she's displaying is just a matter of paint.

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