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Predator Trophy Wall addendum

In today's review of NECA's Predator Trophy Wall diorama, I mentioned that the skulls for the wall were only included with various figures (until NECA bowed to demands and started offering a skull pack online). For anyone who still wishes … Continue reading

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The essential tools of action figure collecting

So I was thinking about what tools one should really have handy if they're hardcore action figure collectors. Things you always need handy to deal with the daily things that happen to figures. Obviously things like bins for storage and … Continue reading

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GI Joe Kre-O Quick Kick review

Now we have a GI Joe Kre-O blind-bagged decoder. Wish we'd had that when I found the box of them at Toys Я Us - I would have been able to predict what I was getting before getting home. And … Continue reading

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Rorschach addendum

Now, I've been pretty open about how much I don't care about packaging at all, but I have to hand it to Mattel, this Watchmen packaging is really well done. Normally I'd rather have as little packaging as possible to … Continue reading

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Predator 2 dance scene

You thought I was kidding in today's review? No such luck! Shake what your mama gave you, Predators! And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the Week #63 Toys vs. Toys in an epic stop-motion showdown Party like a space … Continue reading

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Monkey Boy's "Top 10" votes

All month we've been naming the best toys of the past 10 years. And now we're going to show you how everybody voted. Here are Monkey Boy's rankings:

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The Lost Predators

NECA is doing a superb job of turning the Predators seen at the end of Predator 2 into toys. As pointed out in today's review of Snake Predator, it's not just their armor, but also the accessories they come with … Continue reading

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Movie Masters Bane addendum

It's ill-advised to pass judgment on a movie before it's even been released, so I won't say The Dark Knight Rises is undoubtedly going to be a great film. Of course, if one were to make an educated guess based … Continue reading

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How Mattel Can Fix MOTUC

Full disclosure: I'm not the biggest Mattel fan. And I'm even less a fan of their Masters of the Universe Classics (aka MOTUC) line. I used to collect Mattel's various DC lines, and I bought the Ghostbusters II set on … Continue reading

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Elder Predator addendum

In today's review of the NECA Predator 2 Elder Predator, we mentioned the most important accessory, a flintlock pistol from 1715. That single prop spoke of an entire history of the Predator race, just another expansion added by the second … Continue reading

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