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The only joke we're playing today

And now, some more OAFEry:yo - who wants a free toy? Popular toys of the last 145 years Mighty Mutant Power Rangers Gonna tell my kids this was Jurassic Express The Brain you've never seen

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Harmless pranks are the best fun

So much for living up to their name. We'd love to see the letter that prompted this response!

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We're on Facebook!

After much holding out, we're finally on Facebook! So you know what to do. And heck, don't forget that MySpace still exists, too. And you can add us on Google+ or follow us on Twitter.

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Minimate Mini-Review #48 - Gamora & Nova

We return with Part 2 of our fan-demanded 365 Days of Minimate reviews! #2 of 365 - Gamora/Nova

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A Joe Friday announcement

You're probably familiar with The Corps!, the line of GI Joe-knockoffs that look like they should be sold exclusively in drug stores. These days you'll often see them hanging next to the real Joes in the toy aisles, which is … Continue reading

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Mattel announces CCI 2010 exclusive

Hey, folks, we got this press release earlier today. Take a look, and see what Mattel has up their sleeves for SDCC: March 31, 2010 By Matty MOTU Fans, We are pleased to release images and info for our 2010 … Continue reading

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We're taking over!

We, the girlfriends, wives, and other distaff counterparts of the OAFEs have had enough. We constantly get ignored in favor of toys, and we're sick of it. No more will we be dragged silently along while the boys (and Artemis) … Continue reading

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What is wrong with people?

So get this: apparently some folks got so pissed off at our April Fools' Day joke, which claimed that we'd been sent a cease and desist letter from Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc that they actually sent angry, rude and threatening … Continue reading

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We are important! We control the future!

You know, Gouken connection isn't the only figure we can lay claim to. Our April Fools' Day jokes have a weird way of coming true. Don't believe us? Take a look: 2004: Invisible Woman joke, released that November in a … Continue reading

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Legendary Heroes series 3 surprise

We got this photo from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). He or she had occasion to visit ToyBiz Marvel Toys recently, and caught this quick picture with his (or her) cellphone: And now, some more … Continue reading

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