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Geek Speak: the Wolverine Corollary

As posited in today's review, a female character wearing a specific costume will always look better than her male counterpart wearing the same thing, as currently evidenced by Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine. Sorry, Logan, but Laura just looks … Continue reading

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Do you know this feeling?

Obligation Toys: Toys you buy not because you reallllly want them, but just to complete the set or have all of the related characters to toys you do.

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Geek speak: Waves vs. Series

We've been fighting this fight for years - even longer than we've been trying to teach you what a "buck" is (and what it isn't) - but it's a slow battle. People are still making the same mistakes. Maybe some … Continue reading

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The Lost Predators

NECA is doing a superb job of turning the Predators seen at the end of Predator 2 into toys. As pointed out in today's review of Snake Predator, it's not just their armor, but also the accessories they come with … Continue reading

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A tale of two Walmarts

It's time to share some more coveted inside information that all toy collectors should know! I know all too well that I'm a lucky bastard. My town is big enough that there are two Walmarts. If I'm willing to drive, … Continue reading

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Help create new toy terminology

Hello, readers! We have a challenge for you today.

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Geek Speak: Roto Arigato

Hey guys, it's Will again. You may remember me from my last post, where I explained the Toys "Я" Us Bump Up Program. Well, I'm back to tell you about another aspect of TRU that's not very commonly known. Have … Continue reading

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Geek Speak: the Death Tax

No, we're not talking about what rich a-holes call the "death tax"; this is something more specifically about toys. And now, some more OAFEry:Flippin' Through Previews - May '07 Flippin' through Previews - February '14 Arkham Asylum Joker addendum From … Continue reading

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Geek Speak: the Toys "R" Us "Bump Up Program"

We have something special for you today, readers: a guest post from someone with insider information. We've been trying to rope him into writing something (other than a Figuretoon) for us for a while, so hopefully this will be the … Continue reading

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When is a ripoff not a ripoff?

yo sez: Apparently some folks have taken issue with our describing Bif Bang Pow's dolls as "Mego knockoffs" in our Toy of the Year announcement. They say that's an incorrect description. I'm here today to tell them they're wrong. And … Continue reading

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